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Falsgrave Signal Gantry

Falsgrave Signal Gantry.

The gantry was declared a listed structure and a new home was required to be found for it.

INVENSYS A signalling company responsible for the resignalling work at Scarborough that made the signal gantry redundant, has paid for the renovation of the gantry.

The NYMR has offered a new site, at Grosmont, for the signal however it has had to be heavily modified to suit the new situation.

I understand that about 15ft has been cut out of the span.


Arrival at Newbridge N Trotter 14-9-12


Unloaded N Trotter


End detail BJB 16-9-12


Cut and Shut joint approx 15ft removed. BJB.


Internal detail. BJB


Signal socket one of 3 fitted. BJB.


Walkway. (Looks very wide at about 5ft overall) BJB