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Kirkby Stephen

Whilst Snowplough 18 was undergoing its frame rebuild at RRNE Shildon I was contacted by Mike Thompson of the Kirkby Stephen Railway group and asked if I would like to take part in the event. I said yes only later realising how close it would be, to be able to get plough 18 into presentable condition.

Anyway we achieved the target and on Wed 24th of August 2011 Plough 18 was loaded on to Moveright’s lowloader and transported to Kirkby Stephen. It was offloaded on the thursday morning and positioned in the newly constructed bay platform.


Loading at Newbridge yard 24-08-11. Then the unit had to reverse out of the yard and enter the quarry to turn round before departing for Cumbria.



Following arrival at Kirkby Stephen.

The plough was coupled to NER engine 910 for a short period.


This is unlikely to be repeated as shortly afterwards 910 was positioned inside the Station train shed.



Here we see the use of the towbar originally for coupling 2 ploughs nose to nose but with the use of the adaptor it can be used for coupling to another drawhook.



Finally plough 18 is positioned in the bay platform.

Tuesday 30th August saw plough 18 taking another starring role in a photo charter session.


Firstly with J21 65033.

Then with 910


Finally the one that people were waiting for the reunion with Standard 2 78019 its co-star in “Snowdrift at Bleath Ghyll”