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Working Together

An Article of the 2 NYMR Stream Cranes working together by Bryan Blundell

It is well known that the NYMR has two 45 ton steam cranes as part of its operational fleet. The history of these cranes has probably been written up in Moorsline previously and it is widely known that they often work together on the heavier lifts required on the railway. These include Bridge replacement works, Loco, Boiler and Coach lifts.

For a quick summary of their history, the 2 cranes are ADE 330107 a Cowans Sheldon of 1926 usually based at Grosmont and ADE 330102 a Ransomes and Rapier of 1943 usually based at New Bridge.

ADE 330107 spent most of its service life at Doncaster Carr loco depot until transferred to Healey Mills in 1960. Withdrawn in 1979 due to boiler failure and purchased for use on the NYMR in 1980

ADE 330102 was part of a wartime order for crane power on the railways. Allocated to Kings Cross depot before being transferred to Tinsley near Sheffield. Withdrawn in 1986 it was acquired for use on the NYMR.

The reason for this piece is that I recently came across a website which details a previous encounter between these 2 cranes. The work appears to be Bridge replacement work just north of Chesterfield station. Working on the Up and Down mains. ADE 330102 nearest the camera 330107 furthest.

Steam Cranes In Action

These appear to be the match trucks from 330102 note the twisted spire in the background, over the top of the left hand truck.

Crane Match Trucks

One final twist to the story is the presence on site of riding van 320984 which used to be a TK or Third Corridor number 3669 or later E16335E. This vehicle is in the final stages of restoration by the LNERCA.


So how many other times have they worked together? And Where? If you know of any other times these worked together, please use the contact form on this site!

 Thanks to John Turner of 53A models for the use of the photos.