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Author Archives: John L

Hunting Bridge Renewal

Finally, the track is again re-connected between Pickering and Grosmont, but still a lot of work to do for trains to run for the Half Term weekend.

Hunting Bridge is complete and the new Tamper was used for this work, click here for a short video of the Hunting Bridge final work.

Or watch the video below.


Plant Update

In recent months, a lot of work has been carried out to the various machines at Newbridge.

The Plasser Crane has been out of use for several months due to a failed drive gear on the engine to the compressor, a specially machined new part arrived only to discover incorrect angle of the teeth on the new part. After some time a correct fitting part was delivered and fitted. The SLI system had developed a fault that took some time to rectify, but finally was rectified last weekend. It now awaits for inspection by the insurance guy.

Now passed and back in use 10-10-13



Plasser crane under test.


The Ballast Regulator has received some attention to paintwork and renewal of some of the ballast brush rubbers, some more rubbers need to be procured to complete this task as the machine will be required for the winter program.


Ballast brush rubber (bristle) replacement.


The Coles crane has been out of use for some time, this is due to corrosion at the base of the jib. An agreed plan has been formulated for repairs. Also various needle gunning and painting has been carried out, it is hoped to get this work horse back into service soon, as can be seen, quite a transformation is happening.


Coles crane during repaint


Tamping machine 73214 remains in serviceable condition, however the arrival of 73250 in June has resulted in most time and resources being spent on this to get it up and running for the winter works which also includes training. Various re-wiring, re-hosing, calibration, bodywork repairs, general repairs etc etc are currently being carried out. This machine is almost ready for service on the NYMR.


 Tamper 73250 delivered to Newbridge


Due to the above activities, the Unimog S+C Tamper is at the back of the queue for attention again, however as there is a real need for Tamping S+C on the NYMR, it is not forgotten. Most of the missing parts have been acquired, it is just a matter of finding the man hours to spend on the machine to get it into service!


 Unimog S+C Tamper awaiting attention.

New Tamper

A few months ago, the new Tamping Machine (73250) arrived at Newbridge. Some time is being spent on repairs, re-commissioning and training, hopefully soon the new machine will be in action on the NYMR to improve the track geometry.

Below is a picture of the first day of training that occurred on the 7th July 2013.


York Area Group has funded this acquisition and training is being provided to paid and volunteer staff. The long term plan is to fit modern computer guiding control to enable improved track alignment, for track maintenance and track renewal work.

Also, work is being carried to put this machine back into the BR livery from when it was new….

Pictures of the arrival of this machine can be seen by clicking HERE

New Blog

Here we are testing a new blog, this will contain more up to date weekly and daily information about work, projects and more from York Area Group members.