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NEWSLETTER No. 28                      August 2013

There has been plenty of special activity -on the Rail-way during the past two years with the reconstruction of Bridges 30 and 7, the carriage of the Olympic Flame and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Royal Reopening of the line on the 1st May 1973.  The next major project, which will take place during the coming winter, will be the reinstatement of an additional platform at Whitby coupled with new locomotive run-round facilities at the station.  This, together with signaling improvements at Grosmont, will enable the Whitby service to be worked more efficiently and much improved, timetable for our passengers, particularly those starting their journeys at Whitby.

The York Area Group has had little direct involvement in the bridges and in Whitby but that is not the case with other, major work, now very close to completion, This is the. Train Qf Thought project at Pickering Station which includes -the overall roof and the Learning Centre and Visitor Centre buildings on Platform 2.  The last two items in the project are now in the final stages – the demonstration signal box at the Malton end of the platform and the picnic area occupying the_ space between the new buildings.  The picnic area incorporates a restored section of a traditional iron and glass canopy roof recovered from Church Fenton Station, and a little celebration is planned on its completion – this will be announced at one of the Group meetings._


Although capital projects steal most of the glory, the Railway still has to be maintained for

day to day running and with the Groups dominant interests in the permanent way. The maintenance of good line and level is a major concern.

To achieve this we have relied on a rather outdated Plasser tamper, but earlier this year we had the opportunity to purchase a more modern machine which has the capability of computer control. The total cost is expected to be about £16,000 a sizeable chunk of Group reserves – but we decided to proceed and the new machine – can now be seen at NewBridge. John Liddel is masterminding the total overhaul of this machine, which will be at little cost as we have on hand most of the parts required. In the process of restoring John is taking the opportunity to train some Staff and Volunteers in how to operate and maintain it and eventually test and pass them out for duty. Meanwhile the provision of lineside furniture is proceeding apace and new gradient boards, whistleboards and mileposts can be seen along the line and we hope soon to install a quite spectacular sign at Goathland  Summit.


The 2013 Autumn session will include four meetings, all on the third Monday of each month-from September to December, and all by speakers who have given us great evenings in the past.

On the 18th SEPTEMBER the team which masterminded the Bridge 30 and

Bridge 7 projects. Nigel Trotter and Roger Bastin. will delve into


plenty of food for thought for those responsible for maintaining the

way and structures in years to come.

At the second meeting, on the 21st OCTOBER, John Holroyd will present another entertaining and professionally delivered show. This one


Plenty of surprises guaranteed!


The Trust Chairman, Murray Brown, will be forsaking his NYMR role

On 18th NOVEMBER to enlighten the audience about his professional career as an editor in railway journalism. Having spent some years with publishers of the nations leading railway titles he has entitled his talk CONFESSIONS OF AN EDITOR.

The final meeting in 2013 will feature our most frequent speaker.

Dave Birtle, who will be making his twentieth appearance since 1983, Dave has really mastered the digital age and we are assured of great photographs, an excellent commentary and innovative composition when he presents TRAINS OF 2011 & 2012 on the 16th DECEMBER.


The meetings will continue to be held at the New Earswick Sports & Social Club off White Rose Avenue – post code YO32 4AG – but the START TIME HAS BEEN BROUGHT FORWARD TO 7.30 PM.  Another change is that Area Group Members and visitors alike will be asked to contribute £2 to cover meeting expenses as the previous practice of giving a reduced rate for Members doesn’t comply with Charity Gift Aid rules and the previous £1 entrance fee has not always covered costs.

There will be the usual raffle and sales stall as well as the licensed bar and- the doors will be opened at 7pm. There is however a problem for Martyn Jones, our Sales Officer. With the earlier start time. He would welcome assistance from any member from Huntington or the surrounding area in setting up and manning the stall – Martyn’s telephone number is as under: -



Over the years money raised by the Group’s recyc1ing activities have provided the lion’s share of Group funds. However in recent years our tonnage has gradually dropped from a high of almost 140 tonnes in 1999 to around the 40 -tonnes this year. In consequence cash input has also been on the slide. Currently we are receiving £10 per tonne from the merchant. With the credits paid by Councils adding another £43 Our collecting of aluminium foil brings in around £1000 per year for two tonnes processed. Alu cans are slightly on the increase due to- Pickering Station Group collecting for us but still only produces around £150 per year.  We are registered for collecting brass, copper, lead and aluminium So when you bring your waste paper to our Poppleton store you can also drop off scrap-­metal (not steel or iron),

Try our website: – www, yorkareagroup. Co.uk

Any contact or information request can be made through the Contact page on the website.

Page goes directly to the secretary Bryan Blundell.


John Meredith,
Chairman York Area Group.
23rd August 2013


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