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2011 Archive


Sunday 9th Jan Scrap recovery work. Pipework recovered from bankside opposite the yard for loading away for scrap. On returning into the yard we had to shunt a wagon into a siding that had not been used since the snowfall last month, it took an hour to break through the ice that had been packed down over the rails over about 30 yards.

Friday 14th Jan Wagon work. Welding on Grampus 991840 and refitting of small parts to LNER BV 246710

Sunday 16th Jan Yorfalls resleeper. 3 lengths resleepered Start finally made on this work after delays due to weather conditions. Snow still lying across the tracks on Levisham straight.  Train left yard on time at 09.00 and returned at 17.00. Photos added to gallery page.

Sunday 23rd Jan Yorfalls resleeper. 3 Lengths resleepered. 7 volunteers on site with Martyn Cannings.

Friday 28th Wagon work.

Sunday 30th Jan Yorfalls resleeper. Now Beck Hole plate oiling.  and Wagon work

Friday 4th Feb Wagon work. GRAMPUS 991840 Welding work continued. LNER BV 246710 Fitting of small items, sanding and priming. Snowplough 18 removal of body decayed framing and fitting of new Oak inserts.progressing on LNER BV and Plough 18, preparation for splicing new timber in East side body framing. Pickering Station roof work on hold today due to high winds and awaiting next delivery of roof trusses. Crane to Pickering this afternoon to collect skip load of spoil.

Sunday 6th Feb Yorfalls Resleepering. 3 Lengths of track resleepered at Yorfalls, South end of site now completed. 2 lengths to do at North end of site these may be done midweek if all goes to plan. Wagon brake tutorial conducted by I Broadhead of Pickering wagon group.

Friday 11th Feb Wagon work. Work continued on LNER BV 246710 inside the cabin with sanding and painting, also refitting doorway ironwork. Timber splicing on plough 18. Also fitted in was a trip to Farworth to erect the 3rd in our programme of Replacing Gradient posts this time near mp 10 1/4.

Sunday 13th Feb Plate Oiling Beck Hole, Yorfalls work cancelled. Nearly right. Plate Oiling cancelled and lads went to Yorfalls to assist with Tamping and Regulating. Wagon work continued with Nick H straightening the end channel member and adjusting the securing pin holes. More timber splicing on Plough 18.

Friday 18th Feb Wagon work Small fitting jobs carried out on LNER BV 256710 including installing Duckett glazing. Plough 18 cover plank refitted and frame bolts refitted.

Sunday 20th Feb Plate Oiling at Beck Hole. Midweek 3 length resleeper at Kingthorpe, Tamp and Regulate on Friday.

Friday 25th Feb Wagon work

Sunday 27th Feb Plate Oiling at Beck Hole.

Friday 4th Mar Tamp and Regulate Kingthorpe, Wagon work.

Sunday 6th Mar Plate oiling.

Friday 11th March Wagon work LNER BV 246710. Snowplough 18

Sunday 13th March Resleepering prep work MP 16 1/4 Newtondale – Northdale Digging out.

Sunday 20th March Urgent attendance at MPD following minor derailment installing tiebars and renewing track components.

Friday 25th MarchWagon work LNER BV and Snowplough.

Sunday 27th March Crane back in action Yard work stripping recovered materials from Northdale.

Friday 1st April Wagon work

Sunday 3rd April Sleeper stripping

Thursday 7th April Wagon work. LNER BV 246710 painting continued in cabin, Internal livery Cream upper and Chocolate lower body. Grampus wagon taken out of shed following completion of repairs and repaint. (See separate article) Plate wagon B932267 placed in shed for spot retimbering of flooring and a repaint.

Sunday 10th AprilPlate oiling

Sunday 17th April Plate oiling at Green End or Yard work stripping sleepers.

Easter Sunday 24th AprilNo PW work planned Wagon work may continue, details to follow.

Thursday 28th April Small work party recovered track materials from Leeman Rd York.

Friday 29th April Wagon work continued on LNER BV 246710 and Snowplough 18 panelling.

Sun 1st May Planned for plate oiling at Green End but may change to yard work due to Gala train movements. Work on Snowplough continued and volunteers went out to Kingthorpe, Newtondale, Moorgates and Goathland checking greasers and some lifting and packing at Moorgates.

Friday 6th May Wagon work. Internal fitting on LNER BV 246710, Snowplough cabside planking and rear end undercoating. Summit sign fabrication continued.

Sunday 8th May Plate oiling Green End

Friday 13th May Wagon work

Sunday 15th May Plate Oiling Green End

Friday 20th May Wagon work

Sunday 22nd MayPlate oiling

Friday 27th May Wagon work

Sunday 29th May Plate Oiling Green End



From Martyn Cannings Tues 10-05-11

As in previous years I am planning to run some evening scrap collecting trains this summer.The format will be slighty different this year as I plan to have two separate periods of three consecutive days, one period stabling at Levisham overnight and the other stabling at Goathland overnight. As the loop is only available at Goathland in the Gold timetable I am planning to use the evenings of  31st May, 1st June, 2nd June to work between Goathland and Grosmont. The work will involve entirely picking up scrap bullhead concrete sleepers so I do not need large numbers of people. In addition to myself there will be two paid staff acting as slingers ,and 2 or 3 people to assist them each evening would be usefull. In addition there may also be work for others clearing vegetation in preparation for loading. I plan to leave New Bridge with a train at 1740 on 31st May working forward from Goathland at 1845. Loading will continue until dark with the train stabling at Goathland and the road van returning to New Bridge. The next 2 evenings the train will start from Goathland at 1845 and on the final night will return back to New Bridge. In both cases the road van will also be available. The next period will be similar but based at Levisham, dates yet to be confirmed, but probably mid to late June.

Friday 3rd June Wagon work on Snowplough 18, LNER BV 246710 and further progress on Goathland Summit sign with lettering being cut out of the steelwork.

Sunday 5th June Plate oiling continuing Esk Valley to Deviation or yard work stripping sleepers. Tamper and Regulator due out from about 17.00 to midnight.

Tuesday 7th June 3 New gradient boards erected by N Carter at Fen Bog, Summit and Moorgates

Friday 10th June Wagon work on Snowplough 18 and work on Summit sign. Photo added of Nick Carter at NRM Shildon tracing the lettering in readiness for repaint of Plough 18.

Sunday 12th June Yard work, PW Van in garage for repairs. Sleeper stripping, Plough and Summit sign progress. Its amazing the difference it makes in the yard when no steam engines are rostered out of the stabling point. 1 car only for 1 Diesel rather than 7 cars for 1 steamer.

Rearranged scrap recovery dates now listed as being  Wed and Thurs 15th and 16th of June working in the Levisham area. Subject to availability of Loco, Crew and Crane.

Friday 17th JuneWagon work, Progress on Plough 18.

Sunday 19th JuneYard work as van unavailable.

Friday 24th JuneWagon work on plough 18 and further progress with Summit sign.

Sunday 26th JunePlate oiling Esk Valley, possible yard work in prepartion for work party from Network Rail during the week.

Friday 1st July Wagon work on plough.

Sunday 3rd JulyRemoval of check rails at Fen Bog prior to Sunday night tamping shift.

Friday 8th July Wagon work

Sunday 10th July Plate oiling Esk Valley

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 11, 12 and 13th of July Evening working parties planned Green end Repadding, re insulating and reclipping. May be completed in 2 nights rather 3.  Depart yard 1715 by van on site 18.00 and return to yard about 23.30.

Friday 15th July Wagon work

Sunday 17th July Retimbering yard pointwork Approx 4 Timbers and some sleepers were changed. Mike Coates, Mike Watson, Les Dennison and Martyn.  Photos on gallery

Sunday 24th July Retimbering Yard pointwork Martyn and Mike Watson continued fettling the sleepers and timbers. All complete now just final securing and ballasting for mid week staff. Work on Plough continuing, A notable event took place, for the first time on the NYMR the Snowplough has finally had its identity number painted on. Since 1973 it has never carried a number.

Friday 29th July Work continued on Plough 18 with further painting and welding.

Sunday 31st July. A day of 3 mikes. Martyn, Neal, Mike Watson, Mike Coates and Mike McDonald all out out on site. Whilst John Hasler and Simon Cox made a belated start on removing the life expired deck timbers on the plate wagon 932267. Then trimming and drilling the replacement boards for fitting. Nick Carter continued with the lettering and painting on plough 18 with Nick H continuing with the welding of the nose cone and I fitted the new doorway treadplates I had previously cut out of a hardwood timber.

Friday 5th August  Wagon work on Snowplough 18 and Nick H restarting work on Summit sign. Nick Carter continued with painting and lettering, Phil Baker finished off the cab doors.

Sunday 7th August  Yard work with sorting of pads held in small shed  into those for use and others for scrap. More work on plough.

Friday 12th August  Steam Crane 330102 extracted from shed prior to move to Grosmont for Boiler exam and Mechanical exam. Plough work continued with, fitting of beading, finishing off lettering and a start made on the cab interior. Main summit  sign welded into 1 piece.

Sunday 14th August  Gang went to Esk Valley – Shed area to continue with plate oiling.  Summit sign, backing strips welded into position. Plough work continued.

Sunday 21st August  Fence repairs Levisham Straight. Snowplough 18 virtually completed ready for transport to Stainmore 150th event at Kirkby Stephen. Due to be loaded away on Wed 24th and be away for about a week.

Sunday 28th August Fence repairs Levisham Straight.

Friday 2nd Sept  Wagon work.  A restart was made on LNER BV 246710. with 2 new footboards made up and fitted to the west side. Further progress made on the Summit sign as well.

Sunday 4th Sept Fence repairs Levisham Straight. At some point midweek 2 gradient posts to be planted by Nick Carter. These having previously been delivered to site by PW Ballast train.

Friday 9th Sept  Wagon work

Sunday 11th Sept Plate oiling Grosmont. Work also proceeded on Summit sign, Tamper, Unimog, Coles crane derust chassis and Stores sorting.

Friday 16th Sept Wagon work

Sunday 18th Sept NO WORK PLANNED.

Friday 23rd Sept Wagon work. Work progressed on LNER Brake van 246710 with the last piece of new timber fitted. Just final bits of painting to be done and a few other odd jobs. Work also progressed on the repaint of the Coles Crane.

Sunday 25th Sept Plate oiling Grosmont. The first Summit sign is nearly finished with all fabrication work on the sign itself finished, next job the legs and the 2nd sign.

Friday 30th Sept Wagon work

Sunday 2nd October Work around Newbridge.

Friday 7th October Work on Coles 15t crane, bogie and chassis painting, Engine covers stripped and sanded ready for painting and start made on degreasing engine bay.

Sunday 9th October Plate oiling Grosmont Deviation curve outside the shed area. More work on Coles crane and some prep work for welding in strengtheners into plate wagon framework. Next 2 gradient boards readied for drop off.

Friday 14th October Wagon work, mainly involving tidying up the work area after completion of a number of projects. Some painting carried out on Coles 15t crane and drilling of Summit sign legs.

16th October New Bridge Yard, sorting and offloading all materials out of the BG.

23rd October  Plate oiling Grosmont. Crane work painting continued.

28th Oct Crane work repainting side panels. Assembly of first Whistle board now ready for planting at Farworth.

30th Oct Plate oiling Grosmont, completed up to the tunnel mouth. Laid out materials at Moorgates for repadding work.

Mon 31st Oct Repadding Moorgates, 6 lengths completed.

6th November Yard work, PTS assessments. All passed who attended. Trout farm crossing renewal initial site mark up.

11th Nov Wagon work, Plate wagon descaling and painting, 15t crane runner frame painting. Levisham renewal initial site mark up. Whistle board planted at Farworth.

13th Nov Yard work.

18th Nov  Wagon work. Underframe painting on plate wagon, descaling and painting on 15t Coles Crane and setting up new welding bay.

20th Nov  Yard work,  Loading material away for Whitwell and Reepham  railway, 2 switches, 1 Common nose ex NER, 4 BH 60ft rails and a load of chairs. Then back to sorting scrap or crane painting.

25th Nov Wagon work Newbridge.

27th Nov Yard work

2nd Dec Survey work at Levisham, Levelling and Stringing for the forthcoming relay work. Also managed to plant the 13th Gradientboard  whilst we were at it.

Friday 2nd Dec Levisham North renewal survey work.

Sun 4th Dec  Yard work, Wagon work,  Crane painting and replanking  of plate wagon.

Friday 9th Dec Wagon work. Work continued on the plate wagon.

Sunday 11th Dec Yard work continuing.

Friday 16th Dec Wagon work. Work continued on the plate wagon.

Sunday 18th Dec Yard work continuing. Stripping sleepers

Thursday 22nd Dec Survey work, Trout farm and Newbridge.

Sun 25th Dec No work planned

Friday 30th Dec TBA

End of 2011 Archive