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2012 Archive

Sun 1st Jan No work planned

Wed 4th Jan Renewal work starts at Levisham. 16 length reballast, part resleeper and part rerail. Work will continue daily midweek until completion.

Sat 7th Jan  Reclipping work at Beck Hole also Sun 8th Jan. Van leaves Newbridge 09.00 Midweek renewal work continues at Levisham until planned date of Jan 13th. On completion work will start on Newbridge renewal 12 length towards Hunting Bridge.

Sat 7th Jan 8 lengths reclipped.

Sunday 8th Jan 7 more lengths completed and 3 broken fishplates replaced. Plus work also continued on Plate wagon and Tamper at Newbridge.

Mon 9th Jan Br 7 removed from Pickering Station loaded to wagons and taken to Newbridge yard for disposal. Work continuing by contractor CML to replace bridge abutments and renew bridge deck.

Friday 13th Jan Relay work continues at Levisham.

Sat 14th Jan Prep work at Newbridge for next renewal and stripping of scrap sleepers.

Sun 15th Jan Levisham relay in freezing conditions (Overnight low of -10C) 2 Lengths completed leaving 2 to connect the line back up.

Friday 20th Jan Newbridge relay. Laying sleepers, placing rails and clipping up. 9 lengths of sleepers laid to date and 5 rerailed

Saturday 21st Jan No work planned

Sunday 22nd Jan Work will be continuation at New Bridge relay clipping up, or  dependent on progress, repadding/fastening replacement at Lyke Wake walk curve

Friday 27th Jan  If  any slingers available plan is to load the redundant BH sleepers from the New bridge relay on Friday afternoon.

Saturday 28th Jan    Lyke Wake Walk curve repadding, reclipping etc.

Sunday 29th Jan    plan is to complete the fastening replacement on Beck Hole curve, if I have received the remaining insulators by then, if not we will be based at New Bridge Yard stripping redundant sleepers.

The plan did not come together as clips still not delivered. So recovering sleepers from Newbridge relay site and start made on stripping these sleepers.  Also survey work undertaken on the next relay site at Trout Farm Crossover. Some work also continued on the redecking of the plate wagon and bodywork repairs on the tamper.

Tuesday 31st Jan Tamping planned for Newbridge site. Tamping completed further work required to be planned for a later date. Trains will be able to run under a TSR

Thursday 2nd Feb Tamping planned for Levisham relay.

Saturday 4th Feb  work is to complete the reclipping on the Lyke Wake Walk  curve and continue the reclipping on the Beck Hole curve

Sunday 5th Feb complete the Beck Hole reclipping.

If the weather is bad we have to complete the Lyke Wake Walk curve before train running so as long as we have at least one other person besides Martyn He  will take the Class 08 to LWW on one of the days.

Sunday 12th Feb  Restricted working due to weather conditions . However some wagon clearance of lying snow was undertaken so sleepers could be offloaded safely during the week. Pegging was undertaken at Trout Farm crossover in readiness for the next relay. Waybeams were recovered from the remains of Br 7 Gerry Carter and John were working on the cab heaters for the tamper.

Sunday 18th Feb Yard work. Midweek workers wanted.

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th Feb      Trout farm crossover relay. No trains are running  on the weekend of the 25 and 26 FEB This is when we will be in the middle of installing the long siding crossover so we are looking for a sizeable workforce on these days. Crossover work continues through the week. Gerry and Peter tamped throughout from the High Mill crossing treadle through to bridge 8 –avoiding the switches of course. Most of the chicane and hollows taken out, but Gerry needs another pass –after a week or two of traffic to assist in settling the track in place.

Sunday 4th March  Work for this Sunday was making installing the 60ft FB length north of the switches and fitting closures to the long siding with some prep work on the south end neck. Monday the South end neck was reconnected. Wednesday – Thursday 4 length relay in the running line South of the switches removing the BH concrete panels and replacing with New FB 113 on F27 concrete sleepers. Friday – Last panel of new FB113 rail laid in on concrete F27 sleepers removing the last BH rail from the running line between High Mill Lc and the crossover. Track then ballasted and Regulated followed eventually by tamping following an electrical failure of a micro switch. This set the job back by about 3 hours and meant we finished in the dark.

Sunday 11th March   New Bridge yard preparing materials for bridge 7 and some wagon work on the plate wagon in the shed.

Friday 16th March Work continued at Pickering Station digging out alongside the carriage shed in preparation for relay. At Newbridge 64 Check rail fitted sleepers had there Check Chairs removed and had replacement AS chairs drilled and screwed into place.

Sunday 18th March  Planned work is Drill , chair up , and load BH sleepers for Pickering. Load BH rail for Pickering. Disconnect pit road switches. Preparatory work to reconnecting track at Bridge 7. Finishing off jobs long siding crossover. Lift, pack and slue South End Neck to make runnable for next week end.

Tues 20th March Tamp and Regulate Levisham North relay up to the 13mp.

Wed 21st March Tamp and Regulate Troutfarm crossover relay with realignment work to the south of the crossover on the running line as well as tamping into the long siding.

Thurs 22nd March Tamp and regulate the Down line at Br 7 in Pickering station, another late finish at 21.00 after waiting for completion of track works earlier in the day.

Jobs remaing for friday 23rd,
Platform 2 south of bridge 7, cut and fit 2 new closure rails
Platform 1 south of bridge 7, fit 2 new BH rails and join up to bridge
Platform 1 north and south of bridge 7, and platform 2 south of bridge 7, check alignment and cross level, lift , pack , and slue as required.
load redundant materials and tidy site
return crane and p.way train to New Bridge

Sunday 25th March   New Bridge yard.  load the remaining new BH rails for use in Pickering station next week, and also make a start on offloading and sorting materials recovered from p.way works this winter.

Sunday 1st April    Pickering station platform 1 for a bit of Jacking and packing around the new bridge 7. Then to Newbridge to do more Jacking and packing on the newly reinstated track to the pit road.

Sunday 8th April Easter Sunday NO WORK PLANNED. Nick H did some repair welding to the Snowplough tow hook area previously damaged at Grosmont. From about 12.00 Bryan will be around to give a guided tour to some welsh visitors touring the railway.

Friday 13th

PLATE wagon B932267 – gloss painting about completed and a start made on numbering. Springs cleaned off and oiled and replacement vacuum pins and dummy rings fitted where required.
Next batch (three) of gradient boards and whistle boards drilled and fitted to posts.

Sunday 15th April  Based at New Bridge yard stripping scrap sleepers, sorting materials recovered from winter projects, and general yard tidying.

Friday 20th   Running a PW train from New Bridge (depart 09:25) to Grosmont. The train itself is being left at Grosmont until Sunday ( buffer stop to unload during a Network Rail possession) and we are returning on the cushions. Cancelled till next week due to equipment failure. Train ran to Levisham only and delivered fencing materials.

On the way north of Levisham, the plan is to offload six new gradient/whistle boards and pick up the bags of redundant track fittings at Ellerbeck and Beck Hole and anything else from the list we can squeeze into the time available .
Finishing off painting jobs on plate wagon 932267 should be finished in the next week or two. The next wagon in for attention is B934386 another Plate wagon. First job was to strip off the rotten floor timbers which did not take too much effort as they were very near to compost condition.

Sunday 22nd April    Yard work at Newbridge.

Friday 27th    Wagon work stripping off remaining timbers from the rotten deck. Cutting off the old fixing bolts. Also further touch up and lettering work on 932267.

Sunday 29th  Martyn away with the staff replacing the buffer stop at Grosmont. So more wagon work at Newbridge. Needle gunning and painting on 934386

Friday 4th May  No planned wagon work.

Sunday 6th May Sleeper stripping in yard.

Friday 11th May  Wagon work.

Sunday 13th May Sleeper stripping in yard.

Friday 18th May  Wagon work. Paint touch up on Plate wagon 932267 and more needle gunning and priming on Plate wagon 934386. Shark now in shed ready for roof repairs, possibility that some paint touch up and minor repairs may be taken whilst in shed.

Sunday 20th May Sleeper stripping in yard.

Friday 25th May  Wagon work.  more needle gunning and priming on Plate wagon 934386. Relocation of small lathe in shed.

Sunday 27th May  Sleeper stripping in yard. More wagon work as well, continuation of needle gunning on Plate 934386.

Sunday 3rd June     Sleeper stripping at Newbridge. Some work on plate wagon in preparation for renewing split pins on door bolts.

Friday 8th June  Wagon work. Further progress on Needle Gunning Plate wagon 934386. Load area seems to be complete with paint being applied by Nick Carter. Needling has now moved to the Outer Door skins and frames revealing the old BR numbers and lettering and even a COND application in the middle of one panel. Meanwhile Nick Hutchinson has been warming up the door pin brackets and applying gentle persuasion to straighten them up.

Sunday 10th June  Sleeper stripping in yard.

Following comments made about the amount of times we are stripping sleepers at Newbridge. Martyn has made the following statement :-

In general the sleeper stripping has only taken place on Sundays after the end of March once trains had started running. Obviously it is more important on days when no trains are running to concentrate on the more major jobs which can be done under possession. It is now a fact of life that the NYMR operates on all but approx 6 Sundays/year. Not that this stops other maintenance jobs being undertaken. However by fortunately being able to load most (I was aiming to load all) redundant materials at the time of removal it means that at the end of the winter period we ended up with nearly all our wagons being loaded with materials which needed to be sorted/ disposed of as soon as convenient.

Unfortunately this job is labour intensive as it is impossible to use mechanical means for this job. Had it been wooden sleepers stripped using an impact wrench a single person could quite easily strip 150 sleepers within a day. Had the workforce on Sunday`s also been larger this too would have speeded the process of the job, as normally there is a maximum of myself plus 3 others or sometimes myself and 1 other. I have just been out in the yard and counted what sleepers we have left on wagons to strip. There are 125.  Therefore I would like to set the following challenge. If I could be supplied with a voulunteer workforce for tomorrow afternoon, outside my normal working hours, ( not hopeful due to the extremely short notice), also the following Friday (all day), I am on annual leave this day, but will work on my annual leave if workforce is forthcoming, and also the following Saturday, also a day off for me, which again I am prepared to forfeit to complete the job, then including  whatever is done this Sunday it will mean sleeper stripping will be easily completed in advance of Sunday 17th June and other work  will be undertaken on this day.



Friday 15th June  Wagon work – Plate wagon refurbishment.

Sunday 17th June   Track walking,  Vegetation clearance.

Friday 22nd June   Wagon work

Sunday 24th June    Plate Oiling starting from Newbridge 7 3/4mp working North.

Late Sunday 17.00 ex Newbridge, Tamping and Regulating Fen Bog area  from the phone to just beyond the 195/L  board, to remove the two bad dips. Fortunately there was some stone already on site that we could utilise.

Ran back to the transition of the Levisham relay and corrected the 70mm lift from previous work and continued right round to bridge 14 . From mp13 this was new ground so the track looks a lot better for regulating the ballast which until now had covered the timber sleepers completely. This section had a fair amount of a very woody stemmed weed which i had to hand weed in the worst sections, as I feared clogging up the conveyor belt.
Back to the yard for an 0200 finish.
Note: Peter and Martyn assisted on Saturday, with the infrastructure teams dig- out of the demonstration signal box foundations at Pickering Station. One PLATE wagon and one RUDD now full of spoil.

Friday 29th June      Wagon work. Continuing descaling and painting of Plate Wagon. Nick fitting baseplates to summit sign feet and Nick C disappeared mid afternoon to plant more Gradient Boards, previously offloaded on Sunday.

Sunday 1st July   Plate oiling working North from Newbridge.

P.Way – Mick W, Les D and Phil B – A.M. went to long siding adjacent to new Xover and cut back
              lineside vegetation.  Martyn went to Grosmont to retrieve 08 loco which had taken the
              demic S15 back to Grosmont after failure.
              P.M. – All four went out fishplate oiling north of New Bridge.
Wagons – Nick H, carried out repairs to south east corner of Plate wagon B 934279,  Door now
               shuts and securing pin now fits.
              J.H. Wired up Myford lathe – works OK but requires electrical certification.

Sunday 8th July  Work planned for Sunday will be the commencement of resleepering in the South End Neck Pickering.

Martyn and 3 man gang changed 7 sleepers in south end neck – some difficulty in extracting them due to difference in levels of the two tracks.
We took the track machines northwards at 1645, offloading new fencing materials at Newtondale Halt and picking up scrap whistle boards at mp 16.5.
Once at  Goathland Gerry and Peter set off down the bank with the tamper to mark out the work sites.
Assisted by Ian Wallis, I loaded up interlocking metal safety barriers and tools for this weeks walling session at Water Ark, picked up spare fence rails from Darnholme, for unloading at Green End and dealt with a minor rock fall on the track at the same location. Nothing wasted – the stone was loaded up for the walling session.
Regulated Darnholme distant curve then joined the tamper at Beck Hole to tamp and regulate Beck Hole curve down to the start of the 20mph TSR.
Then to Green End cabin. Tamped and regulated down to bridge 36 (intending to go to Grosmont outer home) . Here we bent the push rods for one of the skates. Spent an hour stripping the offending parts out and then strapping up the remainder before slewing and tidying up the hastily abandoned alignment, to make it fit for trains.
By this time the tamper engine was sounding rough and started to overheat.
I thus finished up having to tow the tamper home so it was not exactly a fast passage back to New Bridge until we breasted the summit. Back at New Bridge for 0245.

Sunday 15th July Fishplate oiling at MP  8

Sunday 22nd July Resleepering Pickering South End Neck + Wagon work on plate wagon.

Sunday 29th July Fishplate oiling at MP  8 – 8 1/4

Sunday 5th August Resleepering Pickering South End Neck

Sunday 12th August Fishplate oiling at MP  8 – 8 1/4

Sunday 19th August Fishplate oiling at MP  8 1/4

Sunday 26th August Resleepering Pickering South End Neck and changing a broken fishplate at 16 1/2mp

Sunday 2nd September Fishplate oiling at MP  8 1/4

Friday 7th Sept Wagon work. B934386

  • remainder of floor timbers bolted down
  • timbers given a good soaking in Cuprinol clear (we’ve had the cans a while as one was almost rusted through)
  • IR date and brake overhaul dates applied to chassis
  • summit sign pieces lifted off the floor and  loaded  onto the wagon.

B932267 three wheel discs wire brushed ready for Scarborough team to apply primer next week

  • BB loosened the retaining bolts of the vacuum cylinder, in preparation for its overhaul by C & W

Sunday 9th September  Yard work clearing vegetation. To unearth the buried cable carrier frames.

Sunday 16th September Plate oiling 8 1/2 – 3/4.

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September Safety briefings available at Pickering station. These briefings are a compulsory event and must be attended either now or at a later date. In the new year no briefing record means you will not be able to work in any capacity on the NYMR

Sunday 30th Sept  Reclipping, Levisham area in Mills clips.

Friday 5th October    Wagon work at NB. Work restarting on Coles 15t crane.

Sunday 7th October  Reclipping, Levisham area in Mills clips.

Friday 12th October  Wagon work at NB. Work on Coles 15t crane.

Sunday 14th October  Reclipping, Levisham area. Yorfalls in Mills clips.

Friday 19th October Track survey for renewal work – Newbridge to Hunting Bridge.

Work on Coles 15t crane refitting repainted panels.

Sunday 21st October   Resleepering Pickering South End Neck

Friday 26th October   Work on Coles 15t crane.

Sunday 28th October  Plate oiling 8 1/2 – 3/4.

Friday 2nd November  Work on Coles 15t crane.

Sunday 4th November  Resleepering Pickering South End Neck

Monday 5th Nov  Survey work Pickering Platform 1

Friday 9th Nov  Wagon work Newbridge. Coles Crane needle gunning and paint prep.

Sunday 11th Nov  Resleepering South end Neck.

Friday 16th Nov  Wagon work Newbridge.

Sunday 18th Nov  Resleepering South end Neck.

Friday 23rd Nov  Wagon work Newbridge.

Sunday 25th Nov  Mills clip reclipping Levisham straight.

Friday 30th Nov  Wagon work Newbridge. Gradient Board drilling and painting, Work on Coles crane Door and Cab.

Sunday 2nd Dec  Probably Resleepering South end Neck. Subject to conditions.

Anybody going over the weekend you will need your wellies to get to the cabin. Yard is about a foot deep in flood water pouring off the hillside. All tracks under water except the main which is up to sleeper top. Path to cabin about 3 inch deep as well.

Sunday 9th Dec  Either Resleepering South end Neck. Or reclipping Levisham straight. Subject to conditions.

Sunday 16th Dec  Either be resleepering in the south end neck at Pickering, or fishplate oiling at Kingthorpe depending on weather and staff availability.

Friday 21st  If the world does not end as forecast by the Mayans then Wagon work is planned to continue at Newbridge.

Sunday 22nd Dec  Either be resleepering in the south end neck at Pickering, or fishplate oiling at Kingthorpe depending on weather and staff availability.

Friday 28th Dec   Wagon work at Newbridge.

Sunday 30th Dec Resleepering South end neck.