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2013 Archive

Friday 4th Jan Wagon work needle gunning and applying Red Oxide

Sunday 6th Jan Resleepering South End Neck at Pickering.

Friday 4th Jan Wagon work – Plate wagon 932267 repaint prep work. Also track relay work between Newbridge and 8 mp. 3 lengths relaid to date.

Sunday 13th Jan Gang – Resleepering Sth End neck – looks like 11 changed today with 9 remaining to be done. That will complete the full length of the neck except for the buffer stop which does not require doing. Gerry – Minor work on tamper including a start up and check over. John – Bryan – Plate wagon All West side brake rigging stripped off, scraped, degreased and refitted to wagon. Further needle guning to East side main girder and under floor angle. complete end to end.

Friday 18th Jan Wagon work – Cancelled due to forecast of severe snow problems later on.

Sunday 20th Jan Good advantage was made of a lull in the weather with very little fresh snow, with 3 paid staff, Tony the digger driver and 5 volunteers in attendance. The 17th, and last length of Flat Bottom was laid in, plated up and 1 rail clipped up. This just leaves the last rail to clip up and the missing 30` of Bullhead to refit, to enable to join up. This will be completed tomorrow regardless of weather conditions.

Friday 25th Jan Cancelled weather conditions.

Sun 27th

Fri 1st Feb Pegging out realignment at Br 31 – 32

Sun 3rd Feb Renewal of Pandrols, pads etc on the curves between MP 19 and MP19 ½.

Mon 4th Feb Tamping Newbridge relay. Start of work on realignment at Bridge 31 moving track away from parapet walls.

Friday 8th Feb Work will continue on Friday afternoon on the Bridge 31/32 relay. The only factor likely to alter plans will be the weather.

Sunday 10th Repadding and Reclipping of 8 lengths completed at Summit. Gerry and John L working on the tamper in preparation for work during the week.

Friday 15th Feb Work on plate wagon derusting and painting.

Sunday 17th Feb Work for this Sunday will be the partial replacement of pandrols and insulators in the F40 sleepers north of Summit.

Friday 22nd Feb Wagon work, Needle gunning and painting to plate wagon. Also another Whistle board made ready for planting.

Sunday 24th Feb Planned completion of the resleepering of the South End Neck at Pickering.

Friday 1st March No work this Friday.

Sunday 3rd March Work for this Sunday will to complete the replacement of fastenings in the F40 sleepers at Summit, and also some cleaning out of ditches in this area. Don’t forget your Wellies.

Friday 8th March Pickering Tamping

Sunday 10th March Summit and more ditching.

Friday 15th March Wagon work.

Sunday 17th March Yard work at Newbridge.

Thursday 21st March Tamping at Br 31 – 32. Delayed start due to hose failure. 12.30 ex Newbridge then to Br 31 tamping and Regulating. leave site 17.15 Newbridge 18.15.

Friday 22nd March Wagon work.

Sunday 24th March Plate oiling at Kingthorpe.

Good Friday 29th March No wagon work planned.

Easter Sunday 31st March Plate oiling 9 1/2 mp

Friday 5th April Wagon work

Sunday 7th April Plate oiling 9 1/2 mp

Sunday 14th April Plate Oiling 9 3/4mp

Friday 19th April Wagon work. Underframe needle gunning and priming today.

Sunday 21st April Either plate oiling 9 3/4mp or Ditching at Fen Bog.

Friday 26th April No wagon work.

Sunday 28th April Will be replacement of fastenings at Summit, and ditching work.

Friday 3rd May Wagon work at Newbridge.

Sunday 5th May Plate Oiling mp 10.

Thursday 9th May Wagon work – Touching in paintwork on plate wagon.

Friday 10th May Continued refit of brake gear to plate wagon.

Sunday 11th May Yard work.

Friday 17th May Wagon work.

Sunday 19th May Plate oiling mp 10.

Friday 24th May Wagon work. PLATE wagon B934279 completed and ready for C+W inspection.

Sunday 26th May Plate oiling Mp 10 area.

Friday 31st May No wagon work

Sunday 2nd June Plate Oiling mp11

Friday 7th June Wagon work on Rudd stripping off electrical gear and paint preparation. Erection of new Whistle board at High Mill.

Sun 9th June Plate Oiling 11 1/4mp

Friday 14th June Wagon work Start made on refelting Shark roof.

Sunday 16th June Plate Oiling 11 1/2mp

Friday 21st June Wagon work, Refelting Shark roof.

Sunday 23rd June Plate Oiling 11 3/4 mp Inspection work over pit on Tamper 73250 and pressure wash.

Friday 28th June Wagon work, Completion of Shark roof, Dogfish step replacement and work on RUDD.

Sunday 30th June Plate Oiling 11 3/4 mp

Friday 5th July Wagon work,

Sunday 7th July Plate Oiling 11 3/4 mp or Tamper training at Newbridge.

Sunday 13th July Plate Oiling 12 mp with Neal Purseglove. Wagon work with N Carter, Shark brakegear refurbishment ongoing, Vac cylinder removed during the week and sent to C+W. Tamper 73250 some panelling repainted.

Sunday 21st July Plate Oiling 12 1/4 mp

Friday 26th July Wagon work ongoing.

Sunday 28th July 12 1/4 mp area Fencing.

Friday 2nd August Wagon work ongoing.

Sunday 4th August Plate Oiling Levisham

Sunday 11th August Plate oiling Levisham + Fault rectification and pre commissioning work on 73250.

Sunday 18th August Wagon work on Rudd + Plate oiling

Sunday 25th August Wagon work on Shark + Plate oiling. ( Continuation of needle gunning and priming on the shark)

Sunday 1st Sept Plate oiling 12 3/4mp + Wagon work. RUDD – Air brake pipe valves at both ends of wagon freed off. Derusting to SE corner working along from bottom of doors, under floor, main girder and underneath the main girder to approx the 2nd door post. No 16 – Spent about an hour around the cab area on both sides. New steelplate work and timber framing are required at least to the running plate area about 3 inch strip above the running plate. Thin steel cover sheet at top of steps will require replacing approx 1ft square each side. No other news on any progress on this loco.

Friday 6th Sept Wagon work. SHARK – the central under frame area has now had a coat of grey undercoat applied. RUDD- east side chassis needle gunning completed and a start made on the west side. Half of the east side of the chassis was wire brushed off and metal primer applied.

Sunday 8th Sept Plate Oiling 13 mp. Tamper and wagon work.

Friday 13th Sept No work planned

Sunday 15th Sept Fishplate oiling northward from bridge 15, and calibration of tamper 73250 at New Bridge, Work on replacing brushes on Regulator.

Friday 20th Sept Wagon work. All removed brake linkage on the Shark has now been reinstated. Some more painting took place on Tamper 73250 and the RUDD.

Sunday 22nd Sept Plate Oiling MP13 ¼ and tamper maintenance at New Bridge.

Tuesday 24th Sept Shunter training at Newbridge, 6 candidates – Bryan, Nick C, Duncan, Alan, Neal P and Neil S.

Friday 27th Sept Wagon work.

Sunday 29th Sept Plate Oiling MP13 1/2 and tamper maintenance at New Bridge.

Friday 4th October To be decided due to weather.

Sunday 6th October fishplate oiling north from MP 13 ¾.

Friday 11th October Wagon work. Rudd painting and Shark springing in progress currently

Sunday 13th October Fishplate oiling north from MP 13 ¾.

Friday 18th October No wagon work planned. Survey at Levisham.

Sunday 20th October Sleeper changing Grosmont north end.

Friday 25th October Wagon work.

Sunday 27th October Fishplate oiling at MP 14 under the charge of Neil Purseglove

Friday 1st November Wagon work, quiet day really, mainly tidying things up in the shed and fitting some more racking for LinBins. Relocation of a number of electrical components to the upstairs storage area.

Sunday 3rd November PTS refresher exam 10.00 at New Bridge by John Bruce, possibly followed by drilling sleepers. Duncan working on Tamper air line. Tamper shunted over pit to enable some access underneath.

Friday 8th November Grosmont Digging out the bank near the Gantry signal and erecting a Lego brick wall.

Sat 9th November Grosmont Retimbering 4A points (12 timbers changed today, 53 in total)

Sun 10th November Newbridge John L, Richard and Gerry working on 73250 air pipe hosework. Grosmont Retimbering.

Friday 22nd November Loading of scrap rail following a 13 length rerail. 14 3/4 – 15mps No Sheep. Fitting of new fishplates and overseeing welding of 6 joints.

Sat 23rd November No work planned.

Sunday 24th November Sunday will be at Gromont. There are 2 additional timbers to change, insulated block joints to fit and dismantling to do in advance of rerailing.

Friday 29th November  Wagon work at Newbridge

Sunday 1st December fitting of new keys and Mills clips in the recently rerailed section at MP 14 3,4. If there is any spare time, recently loaded scrap materials will be sorted and off loaded off wagons at New Bridge.

Sunday 8th December Work for this Sunday will be at Grosmont , fitting IBJ`s and changing KT fastenings.If the weather is bad the work will be at New Bridge unloading and sorting materials recovered from Grosmont and MP 14 ¾.

Friday 13th December Gang busy offloading road transport of new rails and sleepers and loading straight to wagon for delivery out to site. Nick and I assembling new toys of a compressor and blast cabinet. Bagging up loose pandrol clips ready for offload. Nick finished off with a bit of painting on the Axlekeep retaining bar and handbrake lever so they can be replaced next time.

Sun 15th December Continue fitting insulated block Joints and changing KT fastenings at Grosmont.

Friday 20thDecember  Wagon work refitting Axlekeep bar and Handbrake lever to the RUDD on the Westside only. Some touch up painting as well. Fitted missing handbrake lever pin to Plate wagon 122. Drilled and bolted up another Whistle Board ready for placing out.

Sunday 22nd December Work planned to be at Grosmont continuing with KT Clip replacement.

Friday 27th December No work planned.

Sunday 29th December Installing panlocks 14 3/4mp and plate oiling.