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Friday 17th September
Today saw the start of York Groups latest project get off the ground or rather into the ground.
We had a request to see if we could replace some of the missing or damaged Gradient Boards along the NYMR.
We found that there are 29 in all going by the gradient profile of the line.
Initially we are going to replace 10 boards, these will be all new timber posts and boards with recovered or new replacement numbers.

The railway gradient plot is attached below.


The first board has been positioned near Farworth and was manufactured by Nick Carter who has taken on responsibility for the project.
The next boards are likely to be placed at Raindale and Summit.



22nd October the second Gradient board was replaced at Raindale between Levisham and Newtondale at the 13 1/2mp.
The 1/2 mp was also repositioned at the same time to its correct location. It was 61 yards out of place.


On Friday 11th Feb 2011. The third Gradient board was replaced. The 332 / 229 at 10 m 21ch near Farworth.


Tuesday 7th June saw further progress with more Gradient board replacements. This time in the Goathland Summit area.

Following a drop off of material from a passing Regulator on Sunday night Nick Carter replaced 3 boards Fen Bog 195 / Level @ 18 1/2 mp approx, Summit 852 /\ 178 and 178 / 100 at Moorgates 19 1/2mp approx. As can be seen inthe photo below, the new board is actually in the correct position verified from line diagrams and Satellite positioning whereas the old board visible about 30 yards away was in a guessed position from the 1970s. The 1/2 mp was also relocated at the same time for the same reason.




On the 15th June the gradient post at Abbots house was replaced by N Carter.


As a slight change from wagon painting and planting gradient boards Nick Carter has found time to renovate one of the many derelict trolley ramps along the railway. Work involved some vegetation clearance, replacement of a sleeper with a recovered timber and a spread of ash. It is not intended for regular use but as an example of a trackside feature. The concrete post at the rear would have had an electrical connection to the nearest signal box with a plug on the trolley being inserted to prove the trolley was clear of the track.



Nick was allowed out on Tuesday 5th July to plant another new gradient board North of Newtondale halt


Nick was out again on Wed 6th July at Fen Bog. This now gives us a continuous run of 5 new gradient boards over the summit.


After a short break while we concentrated on getting Snowplough 18 ready for exhibiting at Stainmore 150. Normal service has now resumed with Nick restarting the Gradient Board replacement programme.

On the 7th Sept Nick took a train ride to Newtondale and planted 2 boards that had previously been delivered to site by PW Ballast train.

This view looking South towards Newtondale halt taken roughly at the 16 1/4 mp.  The yellow object is a trackside rail lubricator.


The second view is from the same point looking North to the start of Northdale.


The next shot is nearly at the same point note the difference in the vegetation.

‘M.Dunnett, NYMR collection



This last shot is at Bridge 14 at approx 13m 10 chain


At the present time 8th Sept 2011 that means the current situation with the replacement of gradient boards stands at 11 out of 29 or 38% complete.

28th Oct 2011 First Whistle board ready for planting.



The next batch of gradient boards is about to begin production alongside the rest of the new Whistle Boards.

11th Nov 2011. The first Whistle board was planted today at the south side of Farworth crossing. A number of other boards have also been delivered to site by train last week ready for planting detail to be posted later.

Friday 2nd Dec following some survey work at Levisham, the 13th new gradient board was planted. Slightly different to the other 12 in that it is NER style with painted numbers and bars rather than cast features on the LNER style done to date.



Work carried out on Wednesday 7th Dec 2011

  • Moved the temporary 14 milepost 12 yards south to its correct position.
  • Planted the new 60/137 north of bridge 16. not quite in its exactly correct position as that would have been on top of the concrete raft of the bridge. So it sits a couple of yards north of where it should be.
  • Planted the new 137/68 just north of milepost 14.25
  • Planted the new 49/128 north of milepost 15 – the old one was in the correct position for this one.
  • Moved the 15 quarter milepost 13 yards south to its correct position opposite the Newtondale signal box site.
  • Stripped the old 60/137 board of its cast numbers on the way back.
That makes 16 new boards installed – over the half way mark now (57% of them replaced so far).
New Whistle Board at Sadler House plus Regulator prior to an evening shift following a tamping session.



Br 23 above the 12th board and below Br 16 the 14th board.


Below board 15 in Newtondale beneath Skelton Tower.


The 16th board in Newtondale nearly opposite the site of the former signal box.



Goathland 21mp



Monday 30th April after the winter works have finished things have started to get back to normal and the ongoing project of replacing gradient boards has resumed.

Nick was out again today and 2 boards have been planted today 1 at Goathland for the 49 / 138 change point near the barrow crossing, The second board is at Deviation at the 49/126 change point. These make 19 boards now in place.

49 / 126 Gradient Board at Deviation 19th installation 30-4-12




Goathland Station Up Side

Northdale Bridge 20 area 29-6-12

The next post back towards Newtondale was planted on 4th July.












Stock purchased, funded or maintained by the York Area Group for the NYMR.

Purchase of coach E 18477E later sold onto LNERCA in 1971
Purchase of CCT 1322 later sold onto Levisham. 1981
Purchase of Loader and welding set for Grosmont MPD Jly 1972
Purchase of water column from BR Skelton Jcn York Installed at Pickering. (The column with the reversed E)
Purchase of signal from Pontefract for J Boyes. 1977
Purchase of on train catering trolley 1986
Initial funding for purchase of 80135
Funding for 1/3 of MK1 coach 25142SK in 1976
Drewry shunter 16 at Newbridge
Gresley BCK 1077 PWay mess coach
Rail crane 5 ton ED 1
Ballast Hopper wagons 131, 132 + 133
Walrus hopper wagon 62064
Coal hoppers 274006, 307005, 415776, 418444, 419025, 428991, 431861.
Lowmacs 269004 + 904551
Weltrol 230908
Bolster wagon 103310
Borail 64752
Plate wagon 932267
20 rail trolleys
DMU Centre car funding
Ballast Gopher
Unimog Tamper


Stock owned by group members.

Wickham Rail motor  (12-02-2011 This vehicle has now departed from the NYMR and is now at the Derwent Valley railway Murton York)
Coles crane 15 ton 2524
Crane runner 273885
Tank wagon LP202
Snowplough 18


Projects funded by the group.

Original power supply to Pickering station after purchase. (Since been upgraded)
Funding to numerous projects on Pickering station including clock repairs and map display units.
Purchase and erection of store shed at Newbridge.
Construction of new PWay shed at Newbridge
Purchase of office portacabin for P way
Provision of water supply to Newbridge yard and to Newbridge signal box.
Provision of power to Newbridge yard.
Funding towards new Weighbridge at Levisham Station
Funding towards reinstatement of Zero milepost at York Station for NERA
Funding for the provision of the waiting shelter at Newtondale Halt.

Funding towards the reinstatement of Pickering Station Clock. In conjunction with Northallerton group and Murray Brown. The clock has now been installed on Platform 1 above the Tile Map.


Other activities.

Recovery of signals from numerous locations.
Track and pointwork recovery from BOCM Selby
Track recovery from York yards.
Movement of coaches from Norfolk to the NYMR
Relay of track in Cloughton, Hawsker and Ebberston stations for camping coaches.
Overhaul and refurbishment of Civils wagon fleet as required.

Some vehicles have since been passed on to other parties, scrapped or modified for other uses.