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2010 Archive


Saturday 2nd Jan Bridge 30Offloaded materials and store cabin on site, Heavy snow conditions.
Sunday 3rd Jan Bridge 30. More materials offloaded, Rails removed from bridge and loaded away. Dug out ready for track slew.
Track slewed over at North side of bridge.
Mon 4th Jan Closure rails to install, Track to be packed and crosslevelled prior to access of KIROW Crane.
Sunday 17th Jan Bridge 20 Newtondale Redecking work. 6 Volunteers and 2 Staff cleared the ballasted roadway and removed the rotting sleepers. Newly cut 22ft BH rails were placed over the gap and then new stone placed to cover.
Br 20 is a pipe underbridge with 2 pipes concreted in place. All scrap materials recovered back to yard.
Sunday 24th Jan Br 18 Newtondale Gabion basket installation. P staff started the job off slewing the track over then uplifting 2 panels for machine access.
Work carried on all week digging out the bank and placing / filling baskets.
Tony from Clarkes on the digger in the warmest place.
Sunday 31st Jan Br 18 Newtondale Gabion basket installation. 18 baskets placed and secured making 49 now in place with 34 filled with stone. Very cold all day with 2 inch of snow lying. Work again carrying on through the week. Hopefully track back in towards the end of the week.
Sunday 7th Feb Br 18 Newtondale Clip up track, Broach Fishplate holes and plate up. Cut in closure rails.
Wed 10th Feb Realign crane track at Br 30 site. Photo by Nick Carter added to gallery.
Sunday 14th Feb Newbridge yard work. Relocation of stores to mezzanine store.
Sunday 21st Feb Yard work.
Friday 26th February Work continuing on MACAW and Shark ballast plough.
Saturday 27th Feb Was this the last paper load from Poppleton as we know it? See photos on PWay gallery.
Sunday 28th Feb Bridge 30 Relay. 3 length track uplift, strip components, load to train, level bed and relay 1 1/2 length “new” concrete F27 sleepers and rerail 1 length with new FB113 rail, clip and plate up. Using newly returned to service Plasser crane 81516
See video page for film clip. Photos added to gallery.
Sunday 7th Mar Bridge 30 Relay. 3 length track relaid. Photos added to site. Using a mix of full time staff and volunteers.
Friday 12th March. Grampus 991840 moved to shed. Rubble removed, all flooring and securing bolts removed. All doors freed off and dropped, end doors removable channels removed and freed off as well.
Sunday 14th Mar Bridge 30 Relay. 3 length track relaid. Video footage added to site. Using a mix of full time staff and volunteers.
Sunday 21st Mar Bridge 30 Relay work completed. See photos on gallery from Nick Carter.
Midweek work also being done on site throughout the week.
Sun 28th Mar Yard work.
Sat – Mon 3rd – 5th York Model Railway show information stand. No planned railway as work Easter wekend.
Thurs 8th April All PW staff and volunteers on NYMR thank you Pullman diner for Br 30 works.
Fri 9th April Wagon work with Nick Carter at Newbridge 09.00 CANCELLED LAST MINUTE NOW SUNDAY
Sun 11th Apr Yard work Newbridge plus wagon work. Work continued on the Shark with repanelling the NE corner completed.
Just needs a few finishing jobs now and a coat of paint or two on the new timber.
Other work included welding up an extended point drive rod, template work on the Grampus and breaking up the
box van.
Sun 18th April Bridge 30 digging out manholes.
Sun 25th April Bridge 30 drainage work.
Fri 30th April Wagon work on Shark completed marked as ready for traffic, Painting on LNER Brake van 246710.
Sun 2nd May Bridge 30 Drainage work. Wagon work on Grampus with further weld repairs and MACAW axleboxes.
Sun 9th May Bridge 30 Drainage work.
Sun 16th May Grosmont headshunt digout sleeper beds in headshunt prior to resleepering work.
Sun 23rd May Grosmont headshunt resleeper with concrete sleepers.
Fri 28th May Wagon work Brake van fit new stepboards.
Sun 30th May No details received.
Fri 4th Jun Completed fitting new stepboards to east side of Brakevan.
Sun 6th Jun Grosmont MPD  Headshunt resleepering. Or possible fencing at Fen Bog following fire damage.
Tues 15th Jun Evening scrap train 18.00 ex Newbridge Pick up bridge sections from Br 30
Sun 20th Jun Evening scrap train 15.00 ex Newbridge
Sun 27th Jun Grosmont headshunt resleeper with concrete sleepers.
Tues 29th Jun Evening scrap train 18.00 ex Newbridge
Sun 4th Jul Evening scrap train 18.00 ex Newbridge Collected concrete sleepers from Darnholm – Br 29 area
Sun 11th Jul E 246710
Fri 16th Jul Wagon work on LNER Brake van E 246710
Sun 18th Jul Levisham Stone blowing (originally planned as MPD)
Fri 23rd Jul Wagon work Repairs to LNER Brake van.
Sun 25th Jul Newbridge
Sun 1st Aug Grosmont MPD
Fri 6th Aug     Newbridge work on LNER Brakevan E 246710. corner pillar repair and removal of salvageable planking.
Sun 8th Aug Grosmont MPD headshunt.
On sunday the PW dept finally completed the resleepering and rerailing of the headshunt at the mpd. In fact we should also add the lengthened headshunt as I think there is now an additional 60ft of track installed.
All work was carried out in house with use of the crane in liason with signalbox between trains.
All the old timber sleepers have been removed for disposal and replaced with concrete sleepers uplifted from the Bridge 30 relay.
All that remains is for the ballast production facilities on the railway to produce enough ash to ballast it,(Come on cleaners get those barrows moving) the gangs both staff and volunteer to work through the siding and jack and pack it to level, install a buffer stop, pick up the scrap sleepers and rails and if you are really lucky the tamper might put a finished top and line on it. But that is still to be decided upon as tampers usually work with ballast and not loose ash.
Apparently powers that be have decreed ash and not stone ballast, something or other about costs.
Fri 13th Aug Newbridge wagon work
Work today involved breaking out of heaving concrete at the N end of the LNER Brake van. Heaving caused by rust action on top of the frame members. The whole floor has been cleared with frame top surfaces needle gunned. A new piece of plate will hav to be welded in to repair a wasted area. Nick C has continued with recovering and moving T+G planking on the east side of the van. This means that any new timber will be in one area only, rather than trying to insert single planks. Also the threshold timber beam has been removed on the east side due to rot. This will be replaced in conjunction with a new section being spliced into the adjoining corner post. See photos in gallery. These show the current state of progress with painting, the amount of old brakeblocks that came out of the floor and the state of the underfloor area.
Sun 15th Aug Newbridge days / Gerry Tamping Sun Night
On the board – Yard work with relocation of stores from east side of shed.
Also plate wagon 932267 has been placed in shed for timber flooring repairs. Grampus may have a start made on shotblasting outside.
Sun 22nd Aug Grosmont MPD headshunt
Sun 29th Aug Bridge 18 realignment work and wagon work.
Fri 3rd Sept Wagon work on Grampus 991840. Fabrication of new steel floor sheets, completion of underframe repaint and start made on repaint of body. Manufacture of wood inserts for end door channels.
Sun 5th Sept
Fri 10th Sept Wagon work on Grampus 991840, continuation of steel floor prep work, Lettering and attention to couplings.
Sun 12th Sept Lift and pack Grosmont siding.
Fri 17th Sept Wagon work on Grampus 991840, Erect Gradient board at Farworth, resume work on LNER Brake van.
Sun 19th Sept Fence repair work Br 28 – 29 Darnholm
Fri 24th Sept Wagon work
Sun 26th Sept Yard work – Pickering station survey.
Fri 1st Oct           Wagon work
Sun 3rd Oct
Fishplate oiling Goathland
Fri 8th Oct Wagon work – LNER Brakevan E 246710 completion of fitting new timber into corner posts, start made on repainting into Bauxite livery. Grampus 991840 placing of 4th of 5 steel floor sheets and start made in trimming and welding into place.
Sun 10th Oct Fishplate oiling Goathland
Fri 22nd Oct Place new gradient board at Raindale and reposition 13 1/2mp to correct location. Photo on project page.
Wagon work – LNER Brakevan E 246710 Cement in 1/3 of North end verandah encasing the scrap brake blocks again.
Sun 24th Oct Fishplate oiling bridge 28 Darnholm. Gerrys last weekend shift. 5 Volunteers plus 4 from the SVR working in frequent lashing hail showers, we managed to realign about 7 pairs of joints and shimmed and oiled a couple of pairs of joints.
Before conceding defeat to the elements about 16.15.
Thurs 4th Nov Pegging out for resleepering work at Raindale. PW offloading cabin and digger with 12t crane. Then removing and replacing signal 18 at Levisham for S+T Dept.  Approx 24ft long and buried about 7 ft in the ground.  Gopher returned from SVR.
Some photos of today on the gallery.
Sunday 7th Nov Plate oiling Br 31 – 32 with Martyn Cannings. Shed and yard work Investigation of Plough planking.
Fri 12th Nov           Wagon work. LNER BV 246710 Painting, T+G planking and removal of E side footboards.
Sunday 14th Work cancelled last minute.
Friday 19th Nov Work on LNER BV 246710 continued with painting and profiling of 2 new new footboards.
Saturday 20th Nov Martyn Cannings unloaded the new roof trusses for Pickering station roof –  see photos.
Sunday 21st Nov Plate oiling Beckhole – Greenend with Martyn Cannings. Wagon work on Grampus Welding continued.
Friday 26th Nov    Wagon work
Sunday 28th Nov
Plate oiling Beckhole – Greenend
Sunday 5th Dec Cancelled due to weather conditions
Midweek Class diesel was fitted with mini snowploughs and did a plough run over the length of the line, photo by Martyn Cannings.
Sunday 12th Dec Yard work
Friday 17th Dec Wagon work CANCELLED
Sunday 19th Dec Yard work
Sunday 26th Dec You can take a day off its Christmas.

End of 2010 Archive