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Below are details of the Plant used and resident on the NYMR,  You can click on any picture to view a larger picture.

Current status:

4 Machines are Serviceable

2 Machines are Not Serviceable but Required

4 Machines are Not Serviceable, Not Currently Required

81516  12 TONNE GP CRANE

Model: Plasser & Theurer Heavy Duty GPC 72 Crane.
Built: West Ealing, London UK.
Year: 1980.
Builders Number: 5514.
Engine: Dorman Diesel
Transmission: Hydraulic.
Brakes: Standard indirect “Train Brake” and direct “Shunt Brake”

Previously numbered DB969013 previously based in South Wales, purchased by the York Area Group from Jarvis Fastline at Hitchin Hertfordshire. Delivered to Newbridge 28-10-09 where it now has been recertified and operator training has been carried out. This has now become a useful addition to the PW fleet. Designed specifically for P Way use especially on track renewal work.

The Plasser crane and a visually very similar Cowan Sheldon version have seen widespread use throughout the country over the last 20 years working on renewal sites and undertaking other lifting duties ranging from removal of redundant water towers to installing new signals on resignalling schemes.

As far as the P-way plant goes, this machine is currently recieving more attention than the other machines at the moment to get it in working condition. Recent work undertaken to return the machine to operational use has involved replacing the Reeling Drum with the correct type version, fitting and calibration of the correct type of load pin to the HRD unit, recalibration and repair of the Bogie Cant sensor equipment, also reconnection and testing of the lift and lower hoist pressure switches.

The refitting, wiring and testing of the external SLI sounder was completed on 20/01/2010!  The crane recieved independent full caibration and certification of the Safe Load Indicator system and full operator training.

Having seen use in the relay of track at the bridge 30 site, installation of the roof trusses at Pickering Station, and general track maintenance and renewal work, various other issues have appeared and been resolved, currently issues with the compressor, “Lazy Doorman” starting issues and slow traction, however slowly these issues are being addressed.

November 2011. A faulty double check valve was found in the braking system (now repaired) and a recent starting fault (bad solder joint in the CAV start prevention PCB and faulty start slave relay) has been resolved, it is hoped that reliability will start to improve on this crane.

March 2014. Problems with the cooling system means this machine is out of service again, hopefully to be resolved soon.

August 2014. Following an almost complete stripdown of the engine, it has now been decided that the spare engine the group acquired a few years ago is to be installed instead. The existing engine is to be refurbished and stored at a later date.

September 2015. New engine installed, various other issues such as 2 failed compressors, start faults, injection pump issue, but finally after all this time it is running and insurance inspections passed. Finally this crane is working again!

Current Status: Serviceable.


Plain Line Tamping Machine 73250

Tamping Machines are used to improve/restore track alignment.

Model: Plasser & Theurer 07-16 (12) series 5/6 Plain Line Tamping Machine.
Built: Linz, Austria.
Year: 1977.
Builders Number: 1465.
Engine: Rolls Royce C6TFL Diesel.
Transmission: Twin Disc power shift gearbox.
Brakes: Standard indirect “Train Brake” and direct “Shunt Brake”

Originally bought and used by British Rail, London Midland Region in the 1970’s, It transferred ownership to Carillion during BR Privatisation. It continued active service on BR main lines around Watford mainly on 3rd rail lines till after the turn of the century. Vehicle was sold to members of the Kent & East Sussex railway in April 2007. Vehicle was inspected by YAG members for potential purchase in March 2013. After successful purchase by the York Area Group, the vehicle arrived to the NYMR in June 2013.

A lot of time is currently being spent on this by volunteers to bring it into better condition including some cab bodywork repairs, re-wiring, calibration, repairs, servicing and operator/maintenance training. It is hoped that the machine will be fully working in-time for the winter track relay works. Then during winter and next spring, some technical upgrades will be carried out in stages.

March 2014. Finally, repairs, calibration and training has been carried out, this machine has worked several shifts now with very good results.

August 2014. Work continuing on the tamper to remove redundant systems and return operation to as near as possible design specification. Then installation of computer control system to be progressed.

Bodywork issues gradually being attended to with a final livery of BR Yellow planned.

December 2016 working OK, panel by panel repaint being progressed.

Current Status: Serviceable.

73250 Arriving at the NYMR

73250 Tamping Machine

This machine has undergone a service, repairs, modifications and upgrades, below picture from December 2016 Track Renewal Works!


Plain Line Tamping Machine 73214

Tamping Machines are used to improve/restore track alignment.

Model: Plasser & Theurer 07-16 series 4 Plain Line Tamping Machine.
Built: Linz, Austria.
Year: 1973.
Builders Number: 1107.
Engine: GM Detroit 2 Stroke Diesel
Transmission: Twin Disc power shift gearbox.
Brakes: Standard indirect “Train Brake” and direct “Shunt Brake”

Originally bought and used by British Rail, Southern Region in the 1970’s, however in the early 1990’s it spent a couple of years in Scotland. It transferred ownership to Balfour Beatty during BR Privatisation. It continued active service on BR main lines from Freight to Intercity main line routes around Colchester, mainly on 3rd rail lines till after the turn of the century. Vehicle offered for sale to the NYMR and following inspection on 19th June 2003 at Three Bridges depot near Ashford in Kent it was decided to proceed with purchase.

Delivered to the NYMR from Balfour Beatty in December 2003, it was delivered to Pickering in the modified “12 tool” configuration for use on 3rd rail lines in the Southern areas. Prior to purchase in 2001 it had received a reconditioned engine together with an overhaul, then following some display work it was mothballed. It ended its days as the oldest mainline registered tamper on  Network Rail.
After delivery to NYMR, various faults were rectified, The tamping units modified back to a 16 tool configuration, calibrated, and returned to service for the NYMR.

The tamper is undergoing a very slow repaint from Balfour Beatty Blue and White into all over Yellow.
When I say slow it is panel by panel approx 1 per month.

As of November 2011, this machine is still in active service on the NYMR for regular Track Renewal and Maintenance work, and still proving very reliable with only minor faults! Gerry has been busy dealing with very rusty rear and front cab roofs that resulted in leaking, which Gerry has been working on stripping back and re-plated with steel and sealant.

December 2016 Tamper being dismantled totally for spares and scrap.

Current Status: Not In Service, Not Currently Required.



Below is the Tamper back in July 1991 at Thornton Junction, it is hoped to paint the machine to look like this again.


Ballast Regulator GR5077

Ballast Regulators are used to plough and profile ballast around the track.

Model: Sollinger Hutte SK 73.2.
Built: .
Year: 1984.
Builders Number: 1811.
Engine: Deutz v8 air cooled diesel.
Transmission: Hydrostatic.
Brakes: .

Originally built and operated in Uslar Hannover on mainland Europe, latterly in the Netherlands before shipping to the UK, it was purchased by Grant Plant (Now Volker Rail) and imported into the UK. It was purchased by the NYMR. Originally built to continental loading gauge, care must be taken at certain locations with clearances. Access steps have had to be modified and some other parts to allow full passage along the North Yorkshire Moors Line.

Used for profiling ballast following stone tips by use of various combinations of plough blades and rotating brushes.
This machine is in active service on the NYMR for regular Track Renewal and Maintenance work!

Current Status: Serviceable.



S+C Tamping Machine TSR 51040

S+C Tamping Machines are used to improve/restore track alignment on Switches (Points) and Crossings.

Model: Plasser & Theurer / Unimog Road Rail Tamper MTM700.
Built: Linz, Austria.
Transmission: .

Bought from abroad by Grant Plant (Volker Rail).

Bought by the YAG for the NYMR from Grant Plant.

This machine is a recent purchase, although the engine runs, drives and everything appears to operate, there are a few missing components from the tamping unit. A full parts list and manuals have been obtained, missing parts are currently being identified and sourced.

Attention to the repair of this machine has been delayed due to work focused on the new Plasser Crane for important NYMR pway works. However, as the Plasser Crane is now almost complete and near fully working condition, attention will soon return back to the Unimog and should be back in service soon working on S+C on the NYMR.

Update September 2011: The Unimog has been run up and moved nearer to the workshop so Gerry can make a start on getting it into working condition, some of the missing parts have been bought, the remaining parts are currently being sourced, hopefully this machine will be in use soon.

Current Status: Not In Service But Required.


45t Steam Crane ADE 330102

Model: Ransomes and Rapier.
Built: UK.
Year: 1943.
Engine: Steam.
Transmission: Steam.

Ordered by LNER in 1939, delivered in 1943.

This Breakdown crane was first based at Kings Cross and given the ID of LNER 941601. Aquired by the NYMR in 1986 from Tinsley near Sheffield.

This crane is currently out of action awaiting repairs to axle blocking gear.

Current Status: Not In Service But Required. Stabled at Grosmont.

Coles Crane DE2524

Model: Coles 15t.
Built: Sunderland.
Year: 1956.
Engine: Diesel.
Transmission: Electric.

Was in use at BREL in York, bought by NYMR members in Arpil 1991.

Update November 2011: This crane is currently out of action with problems to the brakes and corrosion to the base of the jib. Some parts for the brakes have now been obtained with more parts to follow. An approved plan is being formulated for shot blasting and Coded Welding repairs to the jib, as this crane has been a useful daily workhorse for many years, it is hoped it will be back in action soon, it is currently receiving some serious all-over bodywork and re-painting by YAG members at Newbridge that looks like will result in quite a transformation when complete!

Current Status: Serviceable.


After a lot of work and support by the York Area Group, this crane is finally back in service and quite a transformation!

Full jib removal and overhaul, cab and bodywork repairs, hoist and clutch repairs, too many repairs to list. It has been fully overhauled, load tested and insurance inspection.

It is available for work at Pickering C+W and reserved for P-Way work when required.


Smith and Rodley 5t Crane   


Model: Smith and Rodley 5t.
Built: UK.
Year: 1929.
Engine: Was Steam, Now Diesel
Transmission: .

Originally built for Staveley Chemicals in 1929, this crane was steam powered but converted to diesel in 1963.

Bought by the YAG.



Coles 10t Crane ED2 16973

Model: Coles 10t.
Built: Sunderland UK.
Year: 19.
Engine: Diesel
Transmission: .

Privately owned..

On the NYMR since 1980

Current Status: Not In Service, Not Currently Required.


Track Slewers (Musclemen)

Model: Permaquip.

These 2 machines are Permaquip Track Slewers or “Musclemen”

Slewer 1 above has a reference plate BR 54641 on the tank. Slewer 2 has no known reference number.

They were used for realignment work on a renewal prior to using a tamper.

In order to reduce the slews that the tamper otherwise may not have achieved in one pass.

Current Status: Scrapped




Drewry Shunter 0-4-0 DM 16

Model: Drewery 0-4-0.
Built: Burton on Trent UK.
Year: 1941.
Engine: Gardner Diesel

Drewry Shunter 0-4-0 DM  16

This loco may be the most travelled loco on the NYMR.

Built by Drewry Car Company at Burton on Trent in 1941 for the WD as number 37 0f a batch of 20 (29-48)

Electrical equipment and the exhaust system were flameproofed for use in munitions factories  and fuel dumps. Worked in The UK until 1943 then shipped out to the Middle East and renumbered MEF 44 and later 70037, working mainly around Suez. Returned to the UK in 1947 to Kings Norton WD Depot near Derby from where it was sold in Feb 1948 to Shell Mex / BP Trafford Park becoming number 12. 1950 transferred to Jarrow renumbered  16, where it worked until 1964. Then for repair at Bagueley then to BP Saltend near Hull until 1984 when it was donated to the York Are Group for use on the NYMR.

Work on the NYMR was on Civil Engineers PW trains hauling work trains on the line.

Out of use now for about 10 years but a requirement for another loco at Newbridge may mean its return to service.

Current Status: Not In Service, Not Currently Required.



Below are details of some of the Plant that is no longer on the NYMR and has moved on to new ownership or scrapped.

Permaquip Ballast Packers ED5 and 74071

Ballast Packers are used to lift track and pack ballast under the sleepers

Model: 74071 Mk3 Jakapacka.  ED5 prototype unit built 1980.
Built: Permaquip.
Year: 1980.
Engine: Diesel
Transmission: Hydraulic.
Brakes: Hydraulic.

Built for British Rail in 1980 (works number BP005) allocated to Doncaster. Had previously been given 74061 and 74000 as its ID number before becoming 74071. Max speed 10 mph. Fitted with built in Turntable to enable turning or off tracking.

These two machines have now been sold and have left the NYMR for the Strathspey railway November 2012.


Track Gopher GR5110

Track Gophers are used to remove ballast and spoil from under the sleepers.

Model: Tamper G04.
Built: .
Engine: GM Detroit 2 Stroke Diesel
Transmission: Hydraulic.

Bought from abroad by Grant Plant (Volker Rail).

Bought by the YAG for the NYMR from Grant Plant.

Used initially for excavating under pointwork where a normal ballast cleaner cannot work. The main purpose of the machine on the NYMR is to excavate ballast or spoil from under track without having to remove the track first, this is achieved by excavating a trench alongside the track first with a “bucket wheel”, then lowering a chain saw like cutter bar about 10ft long into the trench then gradually turning it under the track until its working position is reached.

The machine then creeps forward excavating the spoil via the cutter bar to the bucket wheel which in turn lifts and deposits the spoil onto a swing conveyor which dumps the spoil either to bank or to a wagon alongside. Fitted with a built in turntable, it can be jacked up and turned to work either way. It can also be used to excavate trenches for pipe work by only using the bucket wheel.

Due to lack of requirement, this machine has been sold to Stobart Rail and left the NYMR in June 2013