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After 18 months of modification work, Tamper 73250 is used for the first time in 2016 at Hunting Bridge and Kingthorpe.




Tamper 73250 and Regulator working on 2014/2015 renewal work.




Tamper 73250 completes 1.2 miles of renewal tamping on the Levisham straight renewal.



Finally, the new acquired Tamper (73250) gets it’s first use on the Hunting Bridge renewal site.



Wednesday 14th March 2012. Gerry and Nick using the Tamping Machine on the Newbridge Renewal job. This shows the final lifting, lining, crosslevel and packing of the ballast on the new section of track.

Wednesday 14th March 2012. Gerry and Nick using the Ballast Regulator on the Newbridge Renewal job. This shows plowing the newly tipped ballast prior to Tamping, and also brushing the ballast to tidy up and fill the voids after Tamping.

Repairs, Calibration and Operator Training has been completed on the New Plasser Crane, here the Crane gets used for the very first time on the Line near Bridge 30, on Sunday 20th Febuary 2010!


Sunday 14th March 2010. Left the P-Way yard at Newbridge, Pickering at 08.30.Dropping a wagon off at Levisham we travelled with the 08 propelling the train to Goathland. Running round to get the crane in the correct postion we enter the posession and start the work.On a dull,windy day we laid 3 x 60 foot lengths.

A video of some On-Track Machines in action. This isn’t on the NYMR, but some of the machines are very similar to the Tamper, Crane and Regulator that are on the NYMR.