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All items of rolling stock plant and equipment are owned by either the NYMR or YAG, or other organisation, or individual members. All items are available for the use of the PWay Dept for the benefit of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and are classed as operational stock.

The list below gives a brief detail of the history and condition of all stock, its ownership and length of time on the NYMR

11813 / ADS 61024 22t 1921 LSWR Eastleigh, on NYMR since 1975. Owned by NRM.
Built to be able to work over the Tunbridge – Hastings line renowned for its tight clearances. Retained at Tunbridge till 1974 for this purpose working mainly on engineers trains transporting equipment to work sites.  After restoration by YAG members this wagon has been despatched to Locomotion the NRM outpost at Shildon for display.
DE 217315 22t 1939 LNER, on NYMR since 1988. Owned by YAG. Ended BR service at Sheffield.
B 904551 25t 1951 BR Swindon, on NYMR since 1995. Owned by YAG. Purchased from BREL York pre closure as scrap, internal user number 041183. missing a floor, buffers on one end and fitted with a buckeye coupling instead. Following use as a barrier vehicle for internal shunting of new stock. On arrival made fit for use and has since been repainted and refloored in 4″ oak planking as  originally built.
DB 905100 15t 1958 BR Swindon, on NYMR since 1993. bought from York wagon shops.
KDB 904152 21t 1960 BR Shildon, on NYMR since 1995. Bought from Heaton S+T yard.

DW 103310 (Photo see wagon gallery)
40t Macaw A GWR Swindon, on NYMR since 1991. Owned by YAG.
Purchased from BREL York as a runner wagon for Coles Crane DE2524, which it had been paired with at BREL.                             However after arrival on the NYMR it was found unsuitable for this work, so the jib cradle was removed and fitted to a redundant 21t coal hopper underframe E273885.  During 2009 / 10 it underwent an overhaul and repaint which entailed Shotblasting, Painting, Reflooring and provision of new bolsters.
In traffic, first trip on evening scrap train 15th Jun 2010.
DS 64752 40t Borail 1948 BR Ashford, on NYMR since 1978. Owned by YAG. Sold for scrap and sent to TJ Thompsons in Stockton July 2014
B 946060 (Photo see wagon gallery)
50t Borail 1962  Standard Wagon, on NYMR since 1997.

PLATE WAGONS All plate wagons BR Shildon
B 932267 1954 on NYMR since 1979.  Owned by YAG. In shed 07-04-11 for spot replacement of timber floorboards.
B 933122 1958 on NYMR since 1981.
B 934279 1959 on NYMR since 1981.
B 934280 1959 on NYMR since 1987. Donated by DSRM at Darlington.
B 934281 1959 on NYMR since 1987. Donated by DSRM at Darlington.
B 934386 1960 on NYMR since 1981.

SPOIL CARRIERS All 3 of these vehicles will be employed on ash disposal duty from the loco stabling point at Newbridge.
DB 990109 RUDD       Started life as a Grampus but following conversion to Air braking redesignated RUDD Owned by YAG.
Currently clocking up the miles carrying ballast to BR30 with Grampus 988228
DB 988228 GRAMPUS. Bought from Toton but with rotten flooring. Shotblasted, Painted and fitted with new steel floor 2009
DB 991840 GRAMPUS  Bought from Toton but with rotten flooring. Awaiting similar treatment to 988228 in 2010
Quick assessment of work required carried out on friday 5th Mar. see photos.
All remaining rubble and rotten timber removed on Friday 12th March, doors freed off and some descaling carried out.
Patch welding in wasted areas around corner pillars and door straightening ongoing.
Now waiting for shotblast treatment.
Shotblasting undertaken and primed immediately.
03-09-10 underframe repaint completed start made on body repaint. New floor being made of steel sheets supported by old rails.
Wooden flooring too prone to damage from digger buckets.

DS 62058 Walrus 40t 1947 Ashford, on NYMR since 1982. Owned by YAG. Sold for scrap to TJ Thompson June 2014
DS 62064 Walrus 40t 1947 Ashford, on NYMR since 1982.  Sold for scrap to TJ Thompson June 2014
DB 983014 (Photo see wagon gallery) Dogfish 20t 4 wheeled ballast hopper built by Chas Roberts 1959 lot No 3939 fitted with side and centre doors for delivery of new ballast to track.

Seacow / Sealion 40t Ballast Hoppers all built at Shildon between 1972 and 1973 to lot number 3802.

DB982667 1972 – YAG – 23-4-14 from DB Schenker at Doncaster

DB982595 – 1972 – YAG – 26 – 27 JUNE 2014 from TJ Thompsons at Stockton ex Tees yard

DB982608 – 1972 – YAG – 26 – 27 JUNE 2014  from TJ Thompsons at Stockton ex Tees yard

DB982619 – 1972 – YAG – 26 – 27 JUNE 2014  from TJ Thompsons at Stockton ex Tees yard

DB982849 – 1973 – NYMR – 26 – 27 JUNE 2014  from TJ Thompsons at Stockton ex Tees yard

EX COAL HOPPERS All ex Rowntrees internal railway system York.
ED 131  Mineral Hopper 21 ton 1893 Sold to “Rocks By Rail” Rutland Rly 03/12
Hopper ED 132 and 133 have both been condemmed and cut up. The underframes have been donated to Pickering wagon group to make up an underframe for Cattle wagon B894178
E 307005  Mineral Hopper 21 ton LNER York Area Group
B  415776  Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146 York Area Group Has been repainted at Goathland, but in wrong livery Grey, it should be painted in Freight brown or Bauxite.
B  418444  Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146 York Area Group
B  419025  Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146 York Area Group
B  431861  Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146 York Area Group
274006 Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146  York Area Group    Sold to Friends of Chopwell Wood. Around July 2009

B428991 Mineral Hopper 21 ton BR 1/146  York Area Group Sold to Friends of Chopwell Wood. Around July 2009


DE 230908
EF 1939  LNER Dukinfield, on NYMR since 1983. Owned by YAG
KDB 900935 WP 1960 BR Swindon, on NYMR since 1995.
DB 998014 20t Loriot. Built at Swindon in 1959 to diagram No 2/901 for carrying tracked machines to worksites.
B 994275 50t Sturgeon 1956 Head Wrightson, on NYMR since 1997.

E 246710 20t LNER  Darlington 1941 Owned by NRM. Currently under repair/repaint.
B 955225 20t BR Ashford. Requires timber repairs in near future. Bought from BR at Tinsley Sheffield.
New stepboards fitted to East side . At some point prior to arrival on NYMR suffered a severe shunt bending back all stepboard brackets by about 6 inch at the lowest point. These have now been straightened prior to fitting the new boards.
DB 993894 20t BR SHARK 1957 On NYMR since 1985 Back in traffic following repair and repaint into 1950s Black with Yellow lettering.
The Shark was obtained from Healey Mills Yard after it had been condemned following hitting the end of a bridge girder when an operative failed to raise the plough (now south end) hence the hump in the sole bar and additional piece of metalwork fitted by a local (Pickering) blacksmith. Viewed at Healey Mills by Les Barwick, John Haslar and Nigel Trotter prior to purchase.

Tank wagon LP202 Built by Charles Roberts in 1963. Lubricant producers of Manchester owned 23 of these long wheelbase vacumm braked tank wagons in company block trains. With introduction of Air braking these wagons became redundant and were disposed of in 1984 the successors to LP – Shell Mex / BP.  Purchased by Rowntrees of York for a gas oil storage vehicle.numbered T5.
Following cessation of rail operations in 1987. Acquired by 2 members of YAG for water storage for the Newbridge based 45 ton steam crane. Now owned by York Group following transfer of ownership 06-2011.

Freightliner Caboose 99Z03 One of 5 built at Derby in 1965. BR Lot No 3572, Diagram 3/490.
Empty freightliner boxes began trial running in 1965 but a dispute arose between BR, ASLEF and the NUR over the guard riding in the rear cab of the loco. The caboose was brought in as a way to provide accomodation for the guard. Previous trials had involved running a brake van behind the loco and use of a converted 10 ft container. The trials were not a success due to the ride quality of the vehicle. Some guards suffered injuries arising from being thrown around the vehicle especially when travelling over pointwork.
Agreement subsequently reached with the other union for the guard to ride in the rear cab as originally proposed.
This example survived as a crane drivers bothy at Stourton Freightliner depot Leeds. Purchased by a PW Volunteer.
2 other examples known 1 at The NRM York (wrongly numbered 09Z04) and another example was in existance at Southampton but not known if still survives.


ADE 330152 Crane runner wagon for 45t Steam crane.

E273885 Crane runner for Coles 15t Crane privately owned.


DMU centre car 59559 Purchased by the group with a bequest from the late Bernard Harrison, continuing funding with the purchase of a new set of batteries approx £1800 this year.

DE 320427 MESS and TOOL VAN LNER Built York 1924, on NYMR since 1979. Owned by YAG, built for the Flying Scotsman set as a Brake Corridor Composite (BCK). Originally numbered 10178 then 1077.
Converted to a Riding and Tool van in 1958 withdrawn 1979 and sold to YAG, used until recently as a mess coach on track renewal sites. Now stored awaiting restoration. Possibly back to passenger use.

18 / 900572 (Photo see wagon gallery)
SNOWPLOUGH NER built York 1909, on the NYMR since 1975, owned by B Blundell. One of a pair of fully timber framed ploughs still surviving (Sister plough No 20 at Beamish). 18 featured in BTF Film “Snowdrift at Bleath Ghyll” in 1955. Currently off railway under restoration (No 12 the NRM plough at Shildon is steel framed).
Progress on the restoration of plough 18 has been made with all framework complete.
Cab replaced on the body on Dec 3rd. Work proceeding on the plough slope.
Left hand side plough slope renewed, Right hand side ongoing 17th April. Estimated 2 months before return to NYMR.
Returned to Newbridge 8th September 2010 for work on bodywork timbering.                                                  Attended the 150th Anniversary at Kirkby Stephen with a reunion with 78018 the engine it was paired with for “Snowdrift at Bleath Ghyll”.


The film clip can be seen by clicking HERE